Civil Society in a De Facto State-Northern Cyprus: Societal Dissent, Turkish Cypriot Trade Unions and Relations with Turkey



İbrahim AYBERK* Sait AKŞİT** and Ali DAYIOĞLU***


This study presents the importance of patron states for de facto states within the context of Turkey-Northern Cyprus relations intending to highlight how and in what ways the Turkish Cypriot civil society is influenced by this relationship. It analyses the societal dissent in Northern Cyprus through a detailed study of the leading role played by trade unions given the conjectural developments since the early 2000s and argues that this differentiates Northern Cyprus from other de facto states. With the case analysis of Northern Cyprus, this study aims to contribute to the gap on the study of de facto states’ domestic affairs and the influence of patron states on the societal structures of these entities.

Keywords: De facto States, Northern Cyprus, Northern Cyprus-Turkey Relations, Civil Society, Turkish Cypriot Trade Unions


* PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Near East University

** Assoc. Prof. Dr., Department of International Relations, Near East University

*** Assoc. Prof. Dr., Department of International Relations, European University of Lefke