Özel Sayı Çağrısı - Anxiety and Change in International Relations

Special Issue (Spring 2022) 
“Anxiety and Change in International Relations” 
Guest Editor: Prof. Bahar Rumelili 

Uluslararası İlişkiler is pleased to announce a special issue on “Anxiety and Change in International Relations”. 
Despite being the prevailing emotion of our times, anxiety has received scant attention in the international relations discipline. While political theorists and philosophers have long paid attention to anxiety as distinct from and constitutive of fear, international relations theory has assumed that much of international behavior is guided by fears of specific threats to state survival. However, today, the uncertainties surrounding the future of the world order, unanticipated crises like the COVID-19 pandemic that radically change our lives, unforeseeable terrorist attacks, and the unexplainable lure of radical fundamentalist ideologies all evoke a pervasive anxiety about what we do not know and what we cannot control, rather than the fear of a specific and known enemy. 
This special issue invites contributions that employ theoretically informed notions of anxiety to identify the distinct political effects of rising uncertainty and rapid change in global politics. Contributions can build on the IR literature on emotions, social psychology, psycho-analytical approaches, ontological security studies, and existentialist approaches in International Relations. We welcome papers probing the link between anxiety and rise of nativist-authoritarian populism in different contemporary national settings. We are also interested in contributions analyzing how states adapt their foreign policies in a rapidly changing and unforeseeable international environment. Papers focusing both on the active promotion of anxiety through crises and the containment of anxiety through memory politics, securitization, and societal resilience are welcome. 

The special issue will only contain articles written in English. The manuscripts should be between 6000-8000 words and in full compliance with the author guidelines indicated at the journal website (https://uidergisi.com.tr/style-guidelines). 

All submissions will go through double blind peer review. 

Papers should be sent directly to the guest editor, Bahar Rumelili (brumelili@ku.edu.tr). 
The deadline for the paper submissions is 31 May 2021