Rethinking the Migration-Security Nexus: Critical Security Approaches, Emancipation, and Syrian Refugees in Turkey - Mine Nur KUCUK


Mine Nur KUCUK*

Following the end of the Cold War, critical security approaches have made significant inroads into the security studies scholarship. The relationship between migration and security has been one of the most significant issues in this literature. This article aims to discuss the novel contributions of one of the approaches in critical security studies, namely Aberystwyth school, in understanding the migration-security nexus. These contributions are examined with reference to the example of Syrian refugees in Turkey. The article also scrutinizes Copenhagen and Paris schools, which have been employed more than the Aberystwyth school concerning the migration-security nexus. It elaborates on the distinct theoretical and empirical contributions of these schools, their limitations, and how Aberystwyth school goes beyond these limitations.

Keywords: Critical Security Approaches, Migration, Aberystwyth School, Syrian Refugees, Turkey


* Assist. Prof. Dr., Political Science and International Relations Department, Yeditepe University